Don't get me wrong, it's not "All" bad. It's just not all good.

Take HTML 5. TIME tag? Good. ASIDE? Bad because how people are using it is as presentational as the CENTER tag. MANFIEST good. VIDEO and AUDIO? Bad because they're a pointless redundancy to OBJECT. MARK? Well overdue! But why the was EMBED allowed in after it was explicitly rejected with a reason BY NAME in 4 Strict? Shortened HTML header thanks to more concise charset META and removal of pointless attributes? Good. Allowing TARGET="" back in to shove new windows/tabs down users gullets in violation of accessibility norms? WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!

Same goes in JavaScript. FOR/OF? Good. CLASS? Acceptable server-side. Generators? Good. Spread Operator? Destructuring? Explicit integer types and arrays? All good.

But promises? IMPORT/type="module"? Utter garbage. Front end frameworks? MIND NUMBINGLY IGNORANT of how the blazes HTML and CSS are even supposed to be used and clearly written by people who have ZERO damned business writing a single blasted line of either.

I have NEVER seen anything written using React, vue.js, Angular, Bootstrap, Tailwind, or any other front-end framework that wasn't riddled with non-semantic markup and reeking of a lack of separation of presentation from content. With those that involve scripting they typically have "JS for nothing" and invariably are walking talking WCAG violations. (Particularly if scripting off/blocked/disabled you get a big blank page of nothing)

Hence I'm hardly surprised people who use trash like React are all ready to embrace promises, imports with "one class per file", and all the other bloated incompetent chazerei. They clearly don't know enough about HTML, CSS, or JS to avoid getting suckered.

Where -- as I've said thousands of times the past decade and a half -- if people would STOP using 100k of HTML to do 16k's job, 500k of CSS in a half-dozen files to do 32k's in one file's job, and 2 megabytes of scripting in several dozen files to do 64k or less in two file's job, MAYBE they wouldn't be so easily saddled up and taken for a ride by the latest hot and trendy scam-artist BS.

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