Because of course crapping out static CSS in the JS where you can't even target by media type is SO accessible.

But what can one expect from people who declare font-sizes and paddings in PX, would have a STYLE tag without a media="screen", or all the other nonsensical trash these front-end framework fanboys vomit up in complete and utter ignorance of how to use HTML, CSS, or JavaScript properly.

It's truly amazing the hoops JSX fanboys went through to let dev's write utter shite HTML/CSS using techniques we've been told for over two decades to stop using, and then make a pathetic half-assed attempt at compiling it down into something ALMOST resembling good practices client-side.

But then actually grasping concepts like semantics and separation of concerns... well, there's a reason when people say "components' or "factory" I glaze over on the assumption that someone's talking out their arse or blindly parroting nonsensical propaganda; if not outright lies.

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