Assbreeze, bootcrap, w3fools.css, pick one. Same derp, different herp.

They’re ALL 100% grade A farm fresh DUMBASS! Created by people unqualified to write a SINGLE BLASTED LINE of HTML

Don't believe me? Learn HTML. Learn CSS. Got to ANY of their examples, and "view source"

If you're not horrified, go back and re-learn HTML, re-learn CSS, and try again until you are horrified, disgusted, nauseated, or otherwise flabbergasted by the ignorance, incompetence, and ineptitude!

Seriously, go to their "components" page and pick one. Let's use this "blog page" as an example:


DIV doing HEADERs job. Multiple DIV for nothing. Anchor + DIV doing H1’s job. No NAV on the obvious NAV, no list on the menu. Button + SVG for scripttardery doing INPUT, LABEL, and CSS’ job. It is devoid of the most basic of semantic markup clearly illustrating that those who created and use Tailwind have ZERO business writing HTML. An absolute train wreck for what and COMPETENT developer would/should write as, AT MOST:

THAT is how utterly dumbass Tailwind is.

And why my job as an accessibility and efficiency consultant continues to get harder and harder as dirtbag know-nothing SCAMS like these continue to be media darlings, no matter how many site owners end up bent over the table by them!

Hell, a line like this ALONE is reason enough for anyone who actually knows how to use HTML or CSS properly to run for the hills:

Care to guess what’s wrong with that? And this level of idiocy is to be found in every codebase using this chazerei.

I have a lot more than just a kick in the teeth for these clowns. In any just and fair world where decency and honesty are valued, these fools would be in handcuffs.

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