As I've said many the time, if you find idiotic nonsense like tailwind "useful", please, for the love of Christmas, ADMIT DEFEAT and go back to writing that HTML 3.2 with tables for layout you all so clearly and dearly seem to miss.

Pissing on the markup with presentational classes defeats why HTML and CSS are separate, defeats DRY, does NOT make a single blasted thing simpler or easier, mollycoddles those unwilling to learn to do anything right, and on the whole results in broken, slow loading, hard to use websites.

EVERY last blasted claim of "ease" is a BALD FACED LIE. It's not "easier", "faster to develop with", "better for collaboration" or any of the other half-tweet gibberish unfounded claims sung in its praise.

And if you don't understand that or see it that way, you do not know HTML or CSS as well as you think you do. All you do with all these garbage bandwidth wasting classes is waste time, effort, and undo every bit of progress we've made in HTML since 1998!

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