As an accessibility and efficiency consultant, React -- and other GARBAGE frameworks like it -- are something I am constantly having to rip out of clients websites. The scripttardery is always used to violate accessibility norms, and the people who see "benefits" to these systems usually don't know enough about HTML or CSS to even be playing with JavaScript yet.

ALL of these "front end frameworks" -- and we can include HTML/CSS ones in this -- are utter and total TRASH that piss on the entire process.

When people talk about this idiocy being "simpler" or "better" I genuinely have ZERO blasted clue what people are talking about.

More code, bloated code, improper separation of concerns, lack of graceful degradation and accessibility... where the **** does the "easier" or "better" come into it?

— EDIT —

For those who cannot understand why I say it’s not accessible:

Again, scripting off graceful degradation does not exist with it, so if you use it on a public-facing website where you have no control over what UA the user visits with, it fails under the “perceivable” requirement. BECAUSE THERE’S NO FLIPPING CONTENT SCRIPTING OFF / BLOCKED / IRRELEVANT!!!

And that’s why those of you claiming otherwise? Well, I suspect you’ve drunk too deeply of the tainted flavor-aid.

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