And yet another example of why BEM is DUMB. (Don't Use, Mostly Broken). Why? Because you're pissing all over the markup with classes for NOTHING!

There's nothing like doubling or more the markup required all because "I'm too stupid to leverage selectors/combinators or use HTML properly".

Seriously, if ".features img", ".features h3" and ".features p" is too hard, go take up something less detail oriented like macramé.

I wanted to like BEM... any time someone tries to promote consistent naming conventions I'm usually down for it. But this idiotic stupid "let's throw classes at everything" trash does nothing but make everything harder, bloated, and slower! It REEKS of "I'm too stupid to write HTML/CSS" - just like those garbage "frameworks" and how they piss on the HTML with presentational classes undoing 20+ years of progress.

And WORSE, it's all predicated on LIES about how classes are somehow magically faster "rendering" or "loading". You know what does not make your page load faster? More HTML!!!

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