And that attitude is what's WRONG with web development the past decade, as people shove their craniums further up 1997;'s rectum.

If you're going to intoroduce people who know nothing about it to the topic, start with good practices like EM fonts, semantic markup, separation of concerns, leveraging combinators, the proper order, placement, and use of numbered headings, logical document structure, and how to do things WITHOUT some garbage off the shelf scripting that loads in a blocking manner.

All articles like this do is screw over people trying to learn by starting them out with doing everything wrong! Hence it becomes near impossible to get them to unlearn how dumbass using PX is, how dumbass not even having the proper semantics inside NAV is, how the content should be a H2 not a H1, how much of the content is broken/missing thanks to the mix of scripttardery and display:none, etc, etc, etc.

What doesn't make sense is the entire article; teaching the WORST of 1990's practices in 2020 to people who probably don't know any better?!? Horrible and possibly crippling way to start out.

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