And given what happened to Domino's and Beyonce, the failings these dumbass systems bring to the table will sooner or later result in a prosecutor -- or worse an ambulance chaser -- coming for them when they go and use it on something essential.

But no, all the lemmings have to go running off the cliff together.

It's all built around lies and ignorance. MOST of the people CREATING front end html/css/JS frameworks not knowing enough HTML or CSS to even be telling others how to do so.

... and if you know the first blasted thing about HTML, simply doing a "view source" of what halfwit incompetent trash like bootcrap or tailwind vomit up would tell you that!

Just as the lack of graceful degradation in how most JS frameworks/front-ends are an accessibility violation, and if they aren't "out of box" such those using it sooner or later end up making it so!

I'm an accessibility and efficiency consultant by trade, and more and more with client we have to throw their entire train wreck of broken inaccessible trash away to start over COMPLETELY from scratch just because of disphit rubbish like Angular, React, Vue, ember, etc, etc, etc.... all because some know-nothing javaScript fanboy couldn't keep it in his pants.

Which is what lands sites using this trash in court, and brings them to my doorstep hat-in-hand. You'd think after the Beyonce and Domino's lawsuit, much less the massive uptick in accessibility lawsuits there'd be a shift in our industry away from this junk, but no... if anything the fanboys are just doubling down on the "you know what, F*** the cripples" attitude.

Though I guess I shouldn't bitch too much about hot and trendy crap that just makes more work for me!

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