Ah pixel perfection, the telltale of artists under the DELUSION they are designers whilst not knowing enough about UX or accessibility -- much less HTML/CSS -- to be designing a blasted thing.

Here's a tip, the moment you see a "web designer" or someone CLAIMING to be a front end dev using pixel measurements for a fixed height, widths, column sizes, padding, or anything else? You're looking at people who don't have enough basic knowledge to be telling you diddly squat.

It's called EM, use 'em! Otherwise you're telling users with accessibility needs -- or just plain quality monitors -- to go plow themselves.

The moment I see a font-size, padding, margin, width, or height in PX, I know I'm looking at ignorant incompetent trash. Something even worse when they don't say a font-size at all meaning it's utterly banjaxed for non-standard system metric users like myself.

See the ***-show of developer ineptitude that is Bootcrap 5.

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