Continuing on from part one, let’s document the screen media stylesheet for my rewrite of the “Tailwind Starter Kit” Landing page. IMHO Tailwind is utter trash, and every off the shelf template for it I’ve ever seen proves said assertion.

For more information on what this article is about, please see the original links above.

Be warned again that this is going to be very text heavy, and I’m going to explain a lot of the “why” of things. This will likely include in some cases — like resets — how it came to be we use such things in…

In my previous article:

I went through and rewrote the landing page from the “Tailwind Starter Kit” to not use Tailwind, cutting the markup by more than half and using in total less code than they used just for the markup. This supports my supposition that at best it just shuffles things around into the wrong places, and at worst makes you write more code than you need.

Whenever I write a template for clients, or for people on forums, etc, etc, I do a section by section breakdown/explanation of the code so people can learn from it, and so…

Ever since I started speaking out here against the sloppy broken practices of the nonsensical trash that are HTML/CSS frameworks, my feed here on medium has been filled with articles that mindlessly praise it. In particular, there has been a stream of “top ten lists” of off the shelf pre-built pages/templates that pretty much prove what I’ve been saying all along: the people MAKING pages for others using this stuff — AND indeed those making these frameworks in the first place — do not seem to know enough about HTML to be telling others how to build websites.

Even if…

Pretty much what I expect from Svelte, and sadly that's not a good thing. ALSO what I expect from Github in making it as hard as humanly possible to find a damned thing thanks to the dozens of pointless files crapped all over the place across endless pointless directories... ALSO not a fan.

I'm not 100% familiar with svelte apart from ripping it out of two different projects where in both cases it was doing more harm than good... just like every other halfwit bloated train wreck of derpitude "framework" IDIOCY.

My biggest concern with your implementation is the lack…

If you thought that was deflection, you've proven mine. Again, comprehension, try it.

Are you even familiar with the source material? Probably means you didn't get my Ned Beatty jokes either.

"Christ Tony, how old is this kid?"


In my previous article “Part Of Why I Think React Is Junk” I made a number of intentional omissions and card-stacked statements just to gauge audience reaction and drive engagement. Those of you who’ve read my article on propaganda may in fact recognize some of the techniques I used.

Also a likely contributor to it being the most popular article I’ve written in terms of traffic, claps, and replies.

Many of the responses to that article — both for and against — gave me a lot to think about. Over the past decade and a half whenever people have talked…


From the day I first dealt with them I have found these CSS pre-processors to be a waste of time that people use out of ignorance. I fail to see any advantages to their use unless you’re one of these fools that vomits up 500k of CSS to do 48k or less’ job!

You can go down the feature-set of these systems and it’s painfully apparent that they are redundant to what already existed, or have been made obsolete by improvements to the language.


This functionality is now not only available in native vanilla CSS, it is far more useful…


We Sleep, They Live

Near as can be told the “Seven Classical Propaganda Techniques” were first codified in an uncredited article in the second issues of “Propaganda Analysis” from 1937. This was just a small bulletin/newsletter of the — at that time newly founded — Institute for Propaganda Analysis. (IPA).

In the decades since it has had a profound effect in both how propaganda is used, and in recognizing both the evils and good of it. One of the core aspects of these techniques is that they can overlap and blend in ways that quite simply bypasses rational thought. They make you feel, instead…

Of developer ignorance, outdated practices, and broken methodologies!

In my previous article “Why Presentational Classes for HTML/CSS Are Ignorant Garbage” the user “nothingness negates itself” commented:

“Isn’t this kicking TailwindCSS in the teeth?”

And it was. The reason being that what Tailwind does and how it does it — just like every other incompetent front end framework — kicks the entire reason HTML and CSS are separate from each-other in the teeth. …

Jason Knight

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