Honestly most all of your examples reek of everything wrong with people half-understanding functional programming and turning it into a hot WET mess.

Much less not knowing how to polyfill properly. Take your AJAX example with the functions for nothing, variables for nothing, IIFE/SIF for nothing, etc, etc. All to do what more properly should likely be more like this:

THAT is a polyfill. Because you can write your code normally/properly…

Sadly, I think in this article you are being painfully naive about human nature. The sheer ignorance of Trump's base -- the same people, ALL OF THEM -- who put him in office in the first place has them yumming this shit up. Sure Trump lies about everything, but it's the lies that around half this country WANTS to hear.

They won't forget that he called other nations "shithole countries" because his supporters are nationalists. They don't love America, they have everything that isn't America. They LOVE the idea of cops bashing people's heads in and having a leader that…

Honestly, you sound like a lot of educators I've talked to the past ten years who have been packed full of nonsense by an industry filled with people running their mouths about things they don't understand. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's the truth of it. Your statements are riddled with half-understandings, bad practices, and a lot of just plain nonsense.

But that's why you're asking questions. And that's good. That's what smart people do!

For example you mention Figma. When it comes to web development Figma is no more of a design tool than Photoshop; which is to…

— edit / addendum—
And laugh being the joker I was responding to banned me from replying or reading their posts. Because of course once you start posting facts that contradict their ignorance, they have to use “but it’s your tone” as an EXCUSE to maintain the echo chamber. The typical lame “wah wah, is not” response and behavior; so typical of those who have swallowed the LIES about how “great” these dumbass frameworks are.
— end edit —

I’m not alone in thinking Tailwind is dimestore hoodoo, five and ten voodoo. But again you’re responding to tone, instead of…

For some time we’ve seen the rise of chaining methods and responses together. jQuery started the trend, and now with things like promises it’s risen to new heights of popularity… but to be brutally frank, it’s all such mind-numbingly overcomplicated nonsense!

Garbage that’s only further compromised code clarity and increased overhead thanks to making damned near everything “callback’ driven. Callbacks introduce overhead just in terms of their being functions, particularly when used inside a loop. Worse if they’re anonymous functions — even arrow driven — they’re reparsed on every usage!

Take this article here:

Good writing style, excellent overview of…

I’m preparing a quote for an potential client and they have a laundry list of complaints and issues they’ve been saddled with by their former IT director. I’ve been doing accessibility and efficiency consulting for ten years, and really what’s “wrong” with their site is nothing out of the ordinary.

And that’s a LOT of what’s wrong! The simple fact that this junk is basically “normal” and to be expected in most any current web development project. And all thanks to frameworks and people using them who aren’t qualified to write a single blasted line in the underlying languages!


Basically trying to convince them not to be so narcissistic, because it’s not about you, it’s not about them, it’s about EVERYONE.

Inclusivity only scares the ugliest parts of our society.
For those who’ve only known privilege, equality feels like persecution.

Note, this article was prompted by dealing with certain people at an organization I’m currently negotiating with. At said workplace I am encountering the same types of sleazy disreputable scam artists I do at nearly every jobsite. Those truly in charge want things fixed, and their upper and middle managers are saying it’s not even broken. They think the people complaining should just kiss off. In fact they are saying some really ugly, hateful, spiteful things about people…

Starting Out Alone

My background differs from many who’ve been programming for so long. I never got any formal training in school because in grade school they had ONE computer for 800+ students, so only the suck-ups and sycophants even got a chance to go near it… and it went downhill from there.


I think at most I got around 20 minutes access to that poor old abused TRS-80 Model 1. And that was a crappy 4k level 1 basic model.

By the time my school had more computers they were again restricted to certain “special” students, and I had no idea…

And other lame limp responses we see to articles.

Aphinya Dechalert wrote an interesting little article addressing one of the many “me too” one line wonder-ermagahd aherpaderp responses you commonly see on articles. The “I’ve been doing this for 200 years” claim as if that magically dissects the article instead of being anecdotal.

I admit I’ve done this myself being I’ve been programming for 40 years, but there’s a difference in how I use it! IF you use it, you have to do it with a degree of self-awareness and to back it up with facts.

This is actually the…

Part 3 Of Infinity Squared

Just more proof of “framework” incompetence! The left is what they do, the right is what should be done!

When last we saw our intrepid heroes, I went through and did a rewrite of Bootstrap’s “Blog Template” to show how silly Bootstrap can be. As I said I want to try and keep this series going for at least four or five more examples.

You’re getting a two-for this time out, since one of the examples I want to address doesn’t just show how pointless Bootstrap is, it also further illustrates that these folks can’t even use the terminology properly!

Sticky Footer : NOT!

This one is comedy gold. If you look at their alleged “sticky” footer demo:

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